25 Reasons

sexual assault victims don’t say “no”


1.     She is too young to know the difference

2.     She is mentally retarded

3.     She doesn’t understand English very well

4.     She is afraid of how he will respond

5.     He threatened her

6.     She dissociates when she gets frightened

7.     He offered her money

8.     He bought her expensive gifts

9.     He blackmailed her

10.   She was physically aroused

11.   She thinks sex is a marital obligation

12.   She thinks she owes him sex for taking her out on an expensive date

13.   He made false promises

14.   Her boss offered her a promotion if she said “yes”

15.   She was afraid her boss would fire her

16.   She was in awe of the famous celebrity

17.   The last woman to say “no” to this coach was cut from the team

18.   She assumed that all school teachers could be trusted

19.   She was offered extra credit in his class

20.   She thought her doctor was just going to perform an exam

21.   Her therapist called it “therapeutic touch”

22.   She thought she was just getting a massage

23.   Her advisor told her that ‘cooperative girls’ got into the college of their choice

24.   He denied having a girlfriend

25.   He preys on recently divorced women who are vulnerable to his advances